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We are excited to celebrate another year of leadership and community service by Latina women in Gainesville. Founded in 2005, the Latina Women’s League is a non-profit organization dedicated to contributing to Hispanic/Latinx culture and art in Gainesville.

Nuestra vision

Our Vision

The Latina Women’s League is dedicated to contributing to Latino/Hispanic/Latinx education, culture and art in Gainesville by building outreach programs in education, culture and civics.

Our outreach programs engage and empower Latino/Hispanic/Latinx communities to make them valuable in our city. We believe in community outreach and early learning, literacy, civic and global engagement. We offer uninterrupted assistance not only to Hispanic populations, but also to our international communities. Our goal is to guarantee that our Gainesville community is a safe place to live for themselves or/and their families.

Nuestra mision

Our Mission

The Latina Women’s League seeks to be a meeting place for women who want to contribute through our educational and civic programs to promote a good life for the international communities that come to Gainesville.

Nuestros Valores

Our Values

The Latina Women’s League is a hospitable, supporting and inclusive organization that provides services to our community.
Getting Involved

We need your support!

Empower Latina women in Gainesville, FL! Support vital programs for education, leadership, and economic independence. Your donation creates a lasting impact. Join us in building a brighter future.

Nuestros Programas

Our Programs

Discover our diverse Community Outreach Programs dedicated to education, health, and civic engagement. Explore opportunities to learn, engage, and support our vibrant community.

Community Outreach Programs

  • NFree English language for adults.
  • NChildren’s Spanish-Language Storytelling Sessions.
  • NWorkshops on Health Issues.
  • NU.S. citizenship preparation classes.

Spanish Immersion Program

  • NTeaching Spanish to Children.
  • NTeaching How to Teach Spanish to Children.
  • NTeaching English to Children.
  • NCultural Exchange project.

Annual Gainesville Latino Film Festival

  • NLatin American and Spaniard Films & Discussions.
  • NMusic Concerts.
  • NFood Festivals.
  • NChildren’s Film Festival.
  • NChildren’s Spanish-Language Storytelling Sessions.

Giving Programs

  • NEducational Giving project.
  • NMigrant Education Program.
  • NThe ESOL Closet project.
  • NThe Christmas project: Las Posadas Navideñas.

Nuestros Socios

Our Partners

Getting Involved

We need your support!

Become a volunteer

Become a tutor in our free English classes program and help new residents from other parts of the world take the first step to integrate into their new home. Give back to your community!

This is a unique opportunity to help others integrate with the community, share your experience, and make a difference in the lives of newcomers.

For more information and to register please emails us at info@latinawomensleague.org

MakING a Donation

The Latina Women’s League in Gainesville, FL, is a beacon of hope for our community. Their tireless efforts empower Latina women to thrive. By making donations, you’re supporting crucial programs that foster education, leadership, and economic independence. Your contribution can make a lasting impact on these women’s lives, helping them break barriers and reach their full potential. Join us in building a brighter future together. Donate today!